Wednesday, December 23, 2009

5 Things I DON'T like about the Holidays

I am probably one of those people that any Christmas Caroling, Christmas dEcoRatioNs up in November, pee your pants at the first sight of SnOw, type people love to hate.

I am not a fan of the holiday season. And while I'm not scrooge or the Grinch, trying to destory hopes,dreams and the Christmas Spirit, I am someone who doesn't get eXcitEd for it and would rather it be all said and done.

I'm not sure why either. I've just never been a fan of the holiday. Maybe it's because my family's never been one of those, lets all get together open presents and play games type of families. And it's not like Santa continually skiPPed me as a child, I always got the Christmas presents. It could also maybe be that my birthday is so close to the holiday and so that has jipped me a few times. OR maybe it's because its during my least favorite season and is associated with snow , something I despise.....anyway, I'm not a fan.

And while this holiday season doesn't cause me to DrInK more or try to hang myself with tinsel, there are a few things that seem to pop up during this time period, that do drive me nuts.

  1. Hearing HAPPY HOLIDAYS at the end of every converstion, every restaurant and every single store I either walk into or leave, starting at the end of November and lasting until January.......I know it's the holidays. Thanks for reminding me. like the christmas music, decorations and crowded parking lots weren't enough of a reminder.
  2. CHRISTMAS MUSIC...I think this anti-warm fuzzy feeling stems from my history in retail, and hearing the same cd on REPEAT for weeks! on end, you get tired of it quite easily. And when your job in admissions only plays lite 104.1 starting December 1st, who likes to play ONLY Christmas music and it tends to be all the Christmas music nO oNe likes, come December 25, I'm usually ready to stab my ears out with CaNdY CaNeS!!!
  3. Christmas break......hold the phone. I LOVE the break from school. I love not having classes or meetings or any other number of responsibilities. What I DON'T love is getting stuck at home, where there's nothing to do and I'm left twiddling my thumbs for a month.
  4. The StReSsSs....stress is abound during the holidays. The traffic that happens at the mall. The CrOwDs that happen in stores. The stress of trying to find that perfect gift for that perfect someone.etc etc etc. But really, my stress comes from getting gifts! Yep , i hate getting presents. I always feel bad and gulity. Like I don't deserve them. No matter who its from. Whether its Santa, mom,dad, sisters or friends. I would much rather NOT get presents. Giving gifts is no problem! I LOVE doing my best to make someone happy and let them know I appreciate them. There's just something aWkWArD I have about getting them.
  5. The reminder I am once again alone and single. This kinda ties in with #4. But every Christmas I get slightly depressed again. Knowing I don't get to try and find that special someone a present or kiss them under the mistletoe. And it doesn't help that most Christmas movies are about looove, and those Christmas movies are now on repeat on any tv station.

So yea. This is probably just the TIP of the iceberg, but I don't feel like going on forever.

Needless to say, I'm ready for it to be January 1st. I'm ready for it to be over ANNNND done! And we can go back to our normal lives, where I'm not dealing with CrAzY crowds, annoying music or present stress.

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winer01 said...

like this post, true and honest. merry christmas by the way.