Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Excuse Me While I Blog This Out

dating...oohh dating...

I could probably write a blog everyday for the rest of forever about dating....its positives. its negatives. why I Can'T stand it. Why I still attempt it. Is it worth it? Should I give up? How I've managed to kiCKed in the face 9 times out 10 when attempting. and the list could continue.

As of right now, I'm not dating. It's not that I don't want to. I just haven't managed to find anyone "dateable" in awhile. And in all reality; I've yet to have a single legitimate relationship.

While I did finally have something with someone for a few months early this fall, retrospectively, I don't consider it a "real relationship". In the beginning I thought it would work, we met 1 week before I left for Pennsylvania for my summer job and I thought that would be perfect timing for me to actually do my best and not JUMP the gun or get over my head in something. So we managed to talk almost everyday for the entire summer which I took as a good sign. I got back, we hung out a couple more times, but he had to leave for school out of state......

Sooo, I thought. If we managed to talk all summer, certianly we can manage being 3 hours away from eachother AND we decided to become "facebook official". WELL, after about a month, I got BOrED & tired of it. I didn't like this long distance thing, and felt stupid for trying to start a relationship with someone I had in all actuality hung out with 3 maybe 4 times. So, we called it OFF... On top of that he was only 19 and it showed at times. So, that relationship is considered "annuled" in the book of Drew.

I should also mention as of now "dating" is used rather loosly and could be defined as "hanging out on more than one ocassion on a regular basis, with or without verbal mention of a possible future relationship."

For me this "dating" has always been somewhat of a challenge. A game of give and take. Either he likes me and I don't like him. Or I'm liking him and he loses interest in me. Or even, we both have a mutual interest and things would probably work great BUT we live too far away from eachother and so nothing can happen.

And while I have a feeling everyone feels the same way, in my case; 98.56% of the time, it's the first issue that I find happening. I like him and he has no interest in me. I like to think that I'm a normal,sane, charasmatic, attractive individual who most people would be HaPpY to date, but apparently I'm wrong. And I do my best ( and think I manage ) to not be one of those crazy daters that text and call way too much. IDK what this issue is.

But anyway, yes. There is a point all this backstorying and rambling.

The point is,I think there should be a way to streamline this dating process and make it alot EASIER..... Like, a dating resume or survey card that you can trade with someone you find to be of interest.

Something simple.

Something that states your:

  • interests
  • likes & dislikes
  • stats
  • brief dating history
  • quirks
  • dreams
  • 5 year plan
  • how many children you want
  • at what age you'd like to be married
  • any other useful information

AND THEN...... at the bottom has a

  • YES OR NO checkbox

just like in a grade school note.

That way, when you exchange numbers or talk about hanging out or going out on a date. You don't have to StReSSS about why he hasn't responded or called yet, because you already know if there's a legitimate interest or not.

I also wish that all this over thinking and analyzing I have managed to do in the dating world, would have made itself useful in my education world. If I would have attempted to think and analyze the ethics of gloabization, half has much as I do why or why not a guy hasn't called what he meant when he said that, I would have been a 4.0 student.

sooo...yea, this has been the thought eating at me today......"why can't dating be easier?"

Is there a reason I'm wondering this? YEP, but I don't feel like sharing yet...;-)


stillarockstar said...

Dude, your dating situations are basically mine, too. UGH. :( Why can't they just ALSO be interested in us, I mean seriously, we're both irresistible studs, right?! ;P

I think the non-distance thing with you is good - you don't seem that type. You're very much an face-to-fact type person! :)

LOL. You're like a brotha from another motha - we're very much alike. I also overanalyze & impatiently wait for a response or wondering what's really going on in their minds.

Someday someone LUCKY & DESERViNG of you will come a'knockin'... :)

DREW said...

Thanks friend!! and I think we've come to this conclusion at some point before..but we're essentially soulmates I believe...

Dugaldo said...

Ok yeah, but, is that a picture of Adrien Brody?