Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dear Senses

Dear Senses,

I'm not quite sure what happened, but I seemed to have lost you at some point this last week.

As you recall, we were still together when I met that adorable,smart and seemingly fun guy on Saturday at the birthday party. AND you were still with me Sunday, after he left and even Monday, but that's the last time I saw you.

Since then I've kind of been a slight hott mess and I need you back. We both know that I can be a bit of an overanalyzer when it comes to this new guy stuff, so you see why I really need you back right now.

See, with you gone, I've stressed about this kid a liitttle too much.

I don't know if you remember, but Sunday he asked to hang out on Monday. WELL, Monday came and he texted and said he couldn't because he got busy at the gym coaching and needed to get to bed early. But asked if was free in a "coupla days".

I think you were still with me at that point because I said "okay, yea, I should be". And that was that.

Well, since then I have yet to hear from him and its starting to actually really bug me and I can tell you got lost,because I'm overanalyzing/stressing/thinking about it way too much than is healthy.

I understand that this has been a busy holiday week and he's probably been busy with family this and family that. But my mind is still questioning.

I mean, he also mentioned Sunday that he had asked Pocket about me, which to me would ential interest, especially if he's telling me he talked to someone else....right?

PLUS, we talked for over 2 hours at the party. When he totally could have brushed me off and went and visited with the other people he came with and knew. He also mentioned to me that he isn't one for talk with people that bore/don't interest him. ANNNND he was the one that suggested a movie after the yea...IDK...

And granted I've still been smart enough to NOT be one of those crazies that text/call everyday and even multiple times a day. I have left him alo for the most part, with just a HELLO "Happy Holidays" text on Thursday..............with no response.

So yea, senses. I'm really confused. I'm not sure what to think about this issue and I'm giving it way too much thought and time. When I should just let it be and see what happens. But it's not happening that way.

AND as you can tell, I probably sound like one of those CRAZZZY gays that fall waaay to fast, and get too attached and emtional and all that but we both know I have good balance and I'm generally not......and that while I still tend to be a bit dramatic on ocassion, for the most part. I'm sensible about this type of stuff.

Once again, I'm blame the holidays for it...

BUT Yeeaah

IF you would please come back to me, I'm sure I would be thinking a little less and a little clearer about this issue....I would calm down a bit, and I wouldn't be so worked up and I could be a little more pleasant again.

Thanks so much!


PS-senses, if you have any ideas as to what is going is this kid still interested and just busy. Or has he lost interest and I need to shutup and get over it. Please provide that information when you return.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear gods.
you sound just like me... um, so what i've been doing is just staying positive, and hoping my spell- erm, i mean... my faith in him doesnt go in vain. lol. anyways, good luck! >:D

Hannah Miet said...

Oh, man.

If only we could read minds...