Monday, December 21, 2009

We're Gonna Party Like It's My Birthday....

Okay, it actually was my birthday on Friday and it was spent in a pretty non-traditional least for it being my birthday.

As usual my birthday fell right after finals, which is always nice. It means no stress and I'm free to do whatever because I don't have to worry about classes,tests, etc.

Well, for this birthday I decided to go and visit the great north of Iowa. One of my bffs from the house is from there and he invited a group of us to go and visit and hang out for a day.

The party started Thursday night, and we went to a good 'ol fashioned 1-A High school basketball game. ha was horrible and brought back good memories...the score at the end of the 1st quarter of the girls' game was 27-1 (and that ONE point was scored in the last 5 seconds!). The mens game was a little more interesting. But of course, as usual at small town sporting events. The real entertainment comes from the politican-esque parents. You know...the parents who yell and shout about things, pretending to know whats going on....when really they have no clue and they make no sense. Yea, that was the parents at this basketball game. Shouting that the girl fouled the other girl, when they didn't even come in contact, calling "over the back" when the girls were back2back...etc etc. etc. The best part of the evening was when a dad got kicked out, when he wasn't the one was the 70 year old grandpa behind him being inappropriate.

But anyway... the game provided quite a bit of entertainment and it was nice to see another small town shady HS, almost as bad as mine.

Friday was where the exciting things happened that would surprise anyone who knew me.

We started at the pig farm...yep, we got suited up and went and played in the hog confinements and it was entertaining....For starters, I wasn't even the "pig farm virgin" that was our friend Brett who grew up in California....but it was still something I didn't do a whole lot of growing up since dad just farmed crops, not livestock...and even the crops I never touched....

So, we played in the pig pens, trying to ride them, yelling and running, watching them jump all over eachother. It was pretty entertaining...even though we reeked like pig the rest of the day.

After that we busted out the heavy artilary and hit the shooting range.....and by shooting range, I mean the milk jugs and gatorade bottles we set up on snow drifts in the back of Stiches's yard. Once again, I had actually shot a gun in my lifetime, so I wasn't as scared about shooting it. It was everyone else, watching me shoot who were scared for all our lives. BUT I shot a few guns (including an AR-15) and put some holes in things......... mostly snowdrifts......BUT i did hit a couple jugs. =)

AND that was the exciting-ness of the birthday...I went home after that, had dinner with the family and all that warm-fuzzy type stuff...and proceeded to play with "animals" at the Zoo in town with some friends..

So overall, it was a VERY sucessful birthday. Very chill, very manly, and very something that you wouldn't expect me to do..but it was fun...and it was spent with awesome yea..

until Next time.

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stillarockstar said...

LOL. Too funny about the basketball game!

I get such a kick picturing you on a pig farm & shooting a rifle...

GOOD to have ya back in the blog world friend! :)