Thursday, December 31, 2009

Everything Happens For A Reason

Holy wow...can't believe its already 2010! This year has actually been quite amazing and it's scary to believe its essent gone.

But anyway.I'm actually going to SAVE my review of the year/goals for 2010 until a later date. I have something more important to share.

Okay, as you may recall with my last post.. I was slightly overanaylzing/ overthinking/ oVerStReSSing about a stupid boy who wasn't responding to texts etc....and he still hasn' I moved on....but had the usual feeling you get after rejection...what'd I do..what's wrong with me? maybe I just suck at life and am destined to be single forever. etc. etc. etc.

WELL, rewind a little bit...

There's a realllly cute barista at this coffee shop I go to in East Village when I volunteer for One Iowa. Well, turns out, Drew's a WIMP and doesn't ever approach people; I'm too AwKwaRd/majorly fear rejection. SO I never really said much to him beyond the "20oz of the dark roast......please...thank you." etc.

WELLL....on Tuesday he (well call him Barista Boy) added me to facebook..saying he worked with C, a girl I go to SimpCo with. We ended up chatting on fbook for a bit in the afternoon and it was good convo. Just random talk...

Well, then last night I was busy @ DSMsocialclub all night setting up for the New Year's Bash (which is going to ROOOOCK ps!)! But he asked if I wanted to come over and hang out.

So,when I finally got done setting up, I went over and it was FUN. We watched Jesus Camp..HOLY WOW movie PS! Def cray-cray!!! I suggest watching it if you haven't!

So yea, we had lunch today and it's been FuNNNN!

But it's just funny...Barista Boy is way cooler than P. He's cute, easy to talk to, artsy and smart. Likes alot of the same RaNdoM movies & books I do.......and yea..I'm diggin him so far...

And if P would have called or texted back.,I would not have been hanging out with Barista Boy. Who like I said, is WAY BETTER than stupid P..

so yea...I would like to THANK P for being a jerk and lets hope that I see Barista Boy tonight...MAAAAYBE @ midnight =)

Happy New Years everyone!!!

Be safe!!!!

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stillarockstar said...

First of all, I LOVE your writing because it's SO write like you talk, LOL! :P

I'm likin' Barista Boy.

I hated Jesus Camp. Freaky freaks, the poor brainwashed kids!

I'm excited to hear where this goes... :)