Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another attempt at 2010 Goals

Oh's now my turn to try and hammer out the goals that usually get about a month of attention and hard work before getting givin up on or forgotten about and I go back to my normal,inappropriate college student life....well usually...

BUT I have high hopes and a good feeling about 2010. Yes, its another new year, another dollar.BUT It's also A NEW DECADE and another sign that "grown up world" is getting dauntingly closer. PLUS most of these goals are things I've been working within the last month, and have actually managed to stick to thus far, So we'll see how it goes.

  1. Give Up some vices-I'm actually not going to share these vices on here, seeing as there is that chance that people who shouldn't see them would see them. But lets just say, I have been known to gulitly pleasure myself (ha.that sounds wildly inappropriate) with a few things that could get dropped....And's not any sort of drug addiction....just FYI
  2.'re probably thinking "WOW DREW, what an original goal for new years!!"...haha..well shutup....this is actually one that I've been doing fairly good @ recently..well, I was until break came and I haven't had access to the gym, but i'm back on campus already. So, hopefully I'll get back into the routine. goal isn't to lose weighT......its actually the opposite..this kid, is a scrawny little- or what is commonly referred to in the gay community-"twink". I'm wanting to add some meat to my bones, preferably in the form of muscle, and thats one big reason for the work out goal . But also, you just always feel better after you workout, like you've legit did something during the day. PLUS it's a great stress reliever too.
  3. Become $$ responsible- my parents would love to see this one. Even though I've had a job since I was about 16, I've still managed to ePIcAlLy FaIl at being financially responsible and doing that whole budgeting thing. And it's finally started to kick me in the teeth the last couple months. So my goal is to find a part time job again because I actually did opt not to work this first semester AND spend the money a little smarter. ie: less trips to the Starbucks, eat out less and actually attempt to budget.
  4. Do what I say I'm going to-too often I get these ideas to do this or that, but never follow through. And it turns out that the times I do follow through it usually works out (ie: actually auditioning for Real World junior year and making it to semi-finals). WELL, this year I'm going to actually follow through more often. When I say I'm going to audition for Big Brother, I'm going to. When I decide I want to apply for that internship, I'm actually going to do it. I'm figuring this maaaaay come in handy, since I do need to start thinking about the whole job and future thing a little more seriously now =(
  5. Do a random act of kindness everyday-I figure that in the road to self-improvment and working on things that are bettering me. I could also lend a hand to bettering those around me. SOOO, my goal is to do a random act of something nice everyday. Even if its, picking up the trash I walk by on campus or holding the door for someone juggling too many bags. Just something that can make someone else SmILe or help out in someway.

sooo...yea, those are the top 5 for this year. We'll see what happens. I'm really feeling like this is going to be a good year..I'm HOPING I'm right! I guess time will tell...

so yea, I'll leave with a mantra I've picked out for the next 364 days...

2010...Live it. Love it. Own it.


Homotrippin' said...

My resolutions for this year:
Have a better attitude, and
Stop talking about people.
Let's hope we can meet our goals!
Yaaay 2k10!

stillarockstar said...

GOOD ones buddy! Many of which are mine & I'm almost 30, LOL.

#6. Stay in touch with MEEEE even after you graduate - date needed! ;P

Best wishes with these & God bless throughout your NEW year & NEW decade! I have no doubt you will accomplish SO MUCH ahead...

Kim said...

These are the very things I'm working on for 2010 as well. Good luck to us! Cheers. :)

Nahl said...

I love the mantra! :)