Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Love? Clubs? What? YOU ARE 15!


Little teen twerps singing about love and going to the club and hating and cheating whatever else annoy me beyond belief!!

I tend to not be a violent person, but really I could probably PuNcH Justin Beiber in. the. face!

And while, I am in love with Miley Cyrus, something Barista doesn't get. And even though I am borderline obsessed with "Party In The U.S.A.", I kinda want to SLAP her in the face... I mean realllllly?? You aren't nodding your head or moving your hips in the club... You.Are. 16!!! Tell your washed up has been of a dad to find you new material .Sing about getting your license or going to the mall. Isn't that what you do @ 16?

Same with STUPID Justin Beiber.

"Your world is my world
And your fight is my fight
My breath is your breath
and your heart
and girl your my one love, my one heart
my one life, for sure"
Really!?! You are 15!! My one life? How do you know about one life? All you know is playing basketball and milk and cookies? Seriously? ugh...
However, I DO get pleasure out of the fact that alot of people when first hearing the song get excited and think its a lesbian love song because his pre-pubescent voice sounds like a chick.
A few years ago, that girl Jo Jo had the same thing...singing at the age of 14 about "cheating" and other girls. What did your "boyfriend" do? Hold someone else's hand at recess?
I do NOT get why these teen little twerps think people actually enjoy listening to them sing about love and loss and stuff that they are YEARS from experiencing .Further more, why the HELL are their parents letting them sing about it..oh wait..yea..nvm....the millions they're making of their child selling albums and touring because tweeny little girls love them and make mommy and daddy buy their cds,posters,t-shirts and concert tickets.
So, yea. a little bit of advice and note to anyone out there that may be 13 and wanting a career in music. SING ABOUT STUFF YOU KNOW!! Like the mall and the Disney Channel and annoying brothers and sisters or even abusive parents. I don't care. Just shut up about finding your true love and the club and cheating boyfriends and girlfriends. You sound stupid and we all know you have no clue what you are talking about!


Cheryl said...

Kids have so many feelings these days. It's so annoying.

stillarockstar said...

Ew, Miley Cyrus? Don't go there Drew buddy, NOOOO!!! :(

It's funny...I totally agree with you & these self-proclaimed gushy know-it-all teeny boppers, & will admit I often think the same thing of some college students & the relationship schtuff I see them post on Facebook or talk about...being 29, divorced, & through some interesting dramas, those kiddies have NO idea! :P