Thursday, January 14, 2010

Is this aisle open? I'm ready to CHECK OUT

It's finally settling in......Something I really didn't think would happen to me. Something that I've been dreading for the last 3 years and now, but as I begin to accept its unavoidable and going to happen no matter what, I've succombed-unconsciencly, but now I've realized it...and am okay with it.

My friends, I'm officially a victim of senioritis.

If you would have asked me if I was ready for graduation back in August, I would have said NO WAY JOSE!!! But as the year has progressed I'm slowly getting ready for it.

I'm slightly getting ExCiTeD about the idea of growing up and having a real job. I'll miss all the holiday breaks and ability to act irresponsible and blame it on college, but I'm also excited to see the real world..i think. What actually really excites me though, while also being slightly scary, is the idea that I could really, do whatever come May. I could pack up leave and head to Europe if I wanted. I could move to the streets. I could move to NYC. The opportunities are endless and its one of the most exciting yet terrifying feelings ever.

Don't ask what I want to do though. I'm still not quite sure. Some days I want to do event planning for the entertianment or art world-the next I want to go corporate. Some days I want to just move to Australia for a year, just for something different and to be a bum. I've also thought about doing PR work. Maybe journalism. I'm also still trying to decide if I want to go back to camp for the summer or if I want to find an internship somewhere, like maybe with the pageant people and actually make $$$...idk.. I'm not really much of a plan-aheader, so I'll pry decide in April or May =)

Okay, so anyway. I am most definitally checked out already and have the mindset of "I'm a senior, I don't really care". Classes don't really feel like classes. Maybe it's only because I have 1 a day..but i just it there kinda all "eh, i'm here..not really paying attention" etc.. and usually, I'm engaged and interested in whats going on. not so much anymore.

I also see it with some activities on campus, its just like. I don't really care. I'm gone, I gave my leadership and time for the last 3 years, let someone else take over.

But it's also not a great thing. I'm working really hard to make sure I don't check out of being student body president. I would really like to do something fantastic and kinda leave my mark. So when I leave, my advisor and the ppl on SGA remember that Drew did something worthwhile....Which I think will happen. I mean, i legit care about this organization and would like to see a few things happen, and I definitally now have the time to put into them. So I think I can manage that.

ANND, I'm also excited because I'm working on an internship with the Des Moines Social Club. So that'll be exciting. I've talked to the guy I'll be working with , and it sounds like I'll get to help with alot of the event stuff and that'll be PERFECT and exciting!

So yea.... sorry that this blog is a slight tidge random and not really that eloquent..haha..not that my others are..this one just feels more random than even the others though....

but yea..idk..i'm checked out..i'd much rather sit in my sweats and watch tv all day ( which I actually did Monday) than go to class or be productive....maybe I just need to get back into the swing of things.....idk..i spose we'll see.

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swayerm said...

Definitely come to Australia for a year. You'll love it :)