Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm Sick & Tired that YOU'RE "sick and tired"


So I like to think that I'm a pretty laid back person when it comes to things bothering me. I really feel like there's not alot that does besides; stupid people, cold weather and ARROGANT JERKS. But when talking about schedules etc. today with a friend an issue came up that can often set me off into a rant, and that would be the people that always whine and mOaN about how much they have to do, how tired they are, how busy they are etc.

Here's the deal; previous to this semester, I was a pretty BuSy person. During my last 3.5 years at college I was involved in almost every group possible; CAB president my sophomore and Junior year, CAB marketing director this previous semester, I've had a position on IFC since my freshman year, I've always had a work study , usually a part time job or even two, I've held a couple executive offices in my fraternity, 16 credit hours every semester, EAC, AI, I've been an editor for our school newspaper since my sophomore year, I've been a community service scholar, serve on a regional planning committee for an organization and etc. SO with that, my days were usually pretty looooooong, starting with class at 9am and going till about 6 or 7pm, sometimes MiDNiGhT if we had a comedian or CAB event.

But the thing is, I LOVED it! That's how I thrive. Right now I'm still getting used to having free time in the middle of the day.

Yeah, @ times it would get sTrESsfUl and I felt like I needed to punch someone or pull my hair out, but I did my best not to complain....why? Because I SIGNED UP FOR IT! I knew what I was getting into when I joined this club or that. I knew it would be ALOT of responsibilty and a big time commitment, so I felt slightly HyPoCrItIcAL turning around and complaining. On top of that, I wasn't an idiot. I knew there were plenty of people who were just as busy, some probably even busier than I was.

So, a message to those of you that complain all the time. SHUT UP! You are not the only busy one! You should have know when you took on the responsibilities that it would get stressful @ times It reallllllly annoys those of us that are busy too. It gets tiring hearing "Oh my gawd..i'm so busy..i haven't slept. ETC etc etc."

Besides, if you're really that busy, are you really accomplishing anything? I've learned this the hard way. But if you have yourself split 50 different ways, chances are you aren't putting enough effort into all your groups/responsibilities and then not only are YOU losing, but the group you are SUPPOSED to be helping is losing out too.

So cut back, focus more time on less activities and do something awesome with them.

But if you do decide you want to sleep 4 hours every night and have groups coming out your years, don't complain to me! You chose it, now deal with it!

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stillarockstar said...

Amen brotha!

Know why you're different from those whinos? You're a stud.