Tuesday, January 5, 2010

boys,jobs and being on time


So I'm getting ready to head up to Minneapolis to help out with Pageant Power week, and plan on blogging a bit more about that.....there's ALOT that goes into Miss USA pageantry that most people don't know about and the girls that compete definitally don't get the credit they deserve, but I've decided I can let that all out in a post at a later date..so look for that soon.

BUT today I thought I'd just talk about a few updates and a couple events in my life that can only be classified as something that makes my friends laugh and say "only you".

Sooo okay..first off...things with Barista Boy are still going fantastic!! We hung out NYE, and then went to AVATAR 3-D on Friday (which is an AMAZING movie), it actually has a legit storyline PLUS great visuals!!!!! And we were up till ike 2 texting the other night and have plans to hang out tomorrow, after I get back from the MN..

But yea, I'm still diggin him. I realized the other day that I'm way more comfortable with him than I am with most people in general. I consider myself to be a fun person, but I'm not really ever that "goofy" , but with him I am. IDK.....its fun......

In other news.....I finally have a new part time job...starting Sunday I will be a go-go dancer at a club in West Des Moines(this would be one of those "only you" situations)...haha yuuup..apparently this club wants dancers on Sunday afternoons...which works for me......Sunday's are usually my- nurse my hangover, only leave my couch to pee and eat, watch lifetime movies with my roomates girlfriend all day-day. So it should be a good time and its pretty legit pay =) Which will be nice since I have a Spring Break trip to pay for.

Oh side note, in reference to P..welllllll... I was out on the town w/ my BFF Pocket Saturday night and we definitally ran into him...well sorta...we saw him there and we know he saw us...but there was never any "pleasantries" exchanged..... which was A-OK and I felt even better about myself because while I've upgraded and am now hanging out with Barista, he was with some uggo loser....so, I felt pretty good =)

I also have a new addition to the resolutions....another thing I need to work on is "being on time". I am NiToRiOUs for being late and I'd like to fix that....mom even made a comment the other I had no clue she was making meday..she got mad because I was late for the dinner ....but then she's like.."well, I should've known. You're never on time anyway". So, we're going to work on being punctual.

okkkay...but I think that's it for now...nothing too exciting..Lo Siento...well, i take that back....things with Barista are exciting...

But yea.



stillarockstar said...

First of all, THANKS for thinking of me with that quote you heard the other day AND your kind comments. :)

Secondly, my entire LiFE is comprised of "only you" happenings, LOL. Welcome to the club!

CHEERS to Barista Boy fun...HOPE it continues to go well & even better that he's someone you can be YOURSELF with.

OMG!!!!!!!! LOVE the go-go dancer gig, SO funny, SO you. :D

Cheryl said...

hahaha I love the part where you were like- "i've upgraded, i'm with barista and he's with uggo loser".
that's totally something i would say-you and i could be bestfriends in real life hahaha