Thursday, January 7, 2010

And there goes that big fat mouth while I had intended on talking about pageants in this next segment, once again a newer topic of discussion has come up that I'd prefer to discuss. a previous couple ,of blogs I talked about "P", for those of you who regularly read this, you'll notice thats not his original nickname. Well, while I thought that nickname I had given P was cReAtIvE,CATCHY and anonymous, apparently it wasn't. See, Drew forgot that some people in my area, actually read the blog and in true "only Drew" fashion, the blog got passed on to P and he READ it and obvi wasn't the biggest fan.

So, I got a facebook message from him and he explained to me why he didn't ever get back to me and called me out on a few of the comments I had made. AND explained his side of the story....

And it made sense...I got caught up in the bitter rejection swing of things and said a few things that pry weren't the smartest things to say on my blog. Especially since my words of ocassional wisdom are there for EVERYONE to see :S

I'm not going to take back everything I said, I did say it, and it is what I was thinking at the time, but would like to remind all my readers that I don't really ever edit or censor . And as cliche as it sounds, I blog from the heart. When I'm in blog mode it flows and I don't really stop. And lets get real, I studied theatre in college, I can be a bit OVeRdRAmaTiC.

I wasn't trying to be vengeful,spiteful, or hateful. And I wasn't trying to bAsh his name to those that did happen to know him. Soooo I apologize for hurting feelings and offending.

So yea...thats kinda the story on that. The blogging thing is TrIcKy. Yea, it's in a public forum and on-line for the world to see, but sometimes it feels anonymous at the same time since so many people that actually read this don't really know me or the ppl I talk about.

So yea. Turns out I may need to come up with better nicknames in the future....


The weather SUCKS...I HaTe winter. I really don't get how people "enjoy" it and the snow. Yea, okay.. so snow days are gr8, YAY no school..but they also kinda suck. I mean, its obvi crapppy outside, so you can't go out and do things to CelEbrAtE no classes. And then the roads are pain in the rear end, and I loathe driving in this weather.

ALSO, I found out Barista Boy reads the blog.......he's a fan =)! So yay on that!!

No other major activities...I realized my mind likes to wannnnder alot and I thought of a few great topics for future editions....... if there's magically some moment where I don't have something actually going on in my life.


stillarockstar said...

I couldn't BELiEVE that when you texted me! GiANT OOPS! Been there, had that happen to me TWiCE. That's when it was proven to me that the world really IS small. :(

Guess what? Life goes on, you like BB & he likes you. It was P's loss.

I agree on the weather. Got cash? Let's fly to Jamaica. Meet ya at the airport at 5:00. ;)

Jen - tsk said...

The only way to avoid those slip ups is to not tell a soul about your problem? I get all courageous when drunk and like to talk about blog friends. This might make me a bit of a loser....hmm, should I be admitting that? Anyhoo, I'm also a mind's a good thing...I'm sure! X