Thursday, August 23, 2007

Busy like Bee

Greetings Friends,

Like I've said I am getting SO EXCITIED that everyone is getting back on campus.

Today was especially fun. We had our first CAB meeting of the year and it was pretty much just a work day and getting things ready for the whole week of AWESOME activities we have planned!

We stuffed 400 bags full of goodies for the new freshman coming to campus(okay, so that wasn't exactly fun) but it was just great hanging out with everyone again and laughing and joking and just getting back into the norm. We had lunch in Pfeiffer and then Ann, Rachel and I went BINGO shopping and it was FABULOUS.

You see bingo at Simpson blows the bingo at your county fair out of the water! Today we spent over 800 DOLLARS IN PRIZES!!! We bought anything and everything dvds,cd's,food,fun random toys, an iron , laundry degerent and so much more. As usual with a CAB BINGO we buy a super big awesome prize for the last round and the prize for this weekends bingo is a 32" HDTV!!

Tomorrow is going to be another busy CAB day. We're putting up posters advertising all the great CAB events next week; a comedian, the movie "300" played outside, a lecture, discounted movies and free tickets to I-Cubs games! And we're also making big sheet signs to advertise the "Stand Around".

So yea, today was just super great. I saw all my CAB friends, went shopping and had a FABULOUS time!

till next time

10 days till London



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