Sunday, August 26, 2007


Greetings Friends,

Everyone is now officially on campus. YAY! Tonight is the annual Stand Around and I am uber stoaked. It's going to be super great getting to see everyone again!!

Yesterday all the Greek students helped the freshman move in and it was hard to believe that only a year ago, I was moving into Kresge.

At times I felt bad for the students because they would pull up in their car and it would be bomarded with 10 greek students ready to carry all their things up to their room. It was also funny to see some kids who brought literally 3 car loads to school, knowing that half of it would be brought back at some point, because it wasn't needed. But now, my arms hurt from all the heavy duty lifting I did yesterday :(

It was super awesome though, because even President Byrd and some of the other vice-presidents of the college were right there with us, helping students move in. Would you see that at Iowa? I think not!

We also had the first BINGO of the year and it went FABULOUS! We had pry around 400 people in the BSC for it and we were done in 40 minutes, which was great!!

It's starting to get SCARY I officially leave in 7 days for London and am nowhere near ready. I started preparing today though and went through my clothes and decided whats coming and whats not. BUT it was a tough job.... I really dont know how they expect a person to bring an entire semesters worth of clothes in two suitcases Now I need to buy a few things,find a second suitcase and begin the actual packing!

ANYWAYS, thats enough for now.

take care



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Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

Good luck with London! Keep the blogs coming- your faithful readers cannot wait!