Monday, August 13, 2007

A little post about alot of things!

Greetings Friends,

So, last week was Iowa Private College Week and it was pretty awesome.

I was a tour guide for the week, which meant giving 2 tours a day in the WONDERFUL August heat, as well as the rain on a few occassions. But it really actually wasn't too bad. I met some great students. It was kind of crazy because a few went to the school my uncle teaches at and knew him and then I gave a tour to a girl that I met on our FBLA trip to NLC in Nashville and I also saw a girl that I went to QUEST with a few years ago. But it was neat meeting all the different people and I really didn't have any really super bad tours, most of the peopel were super nice and asked questions, which makes it alot more fun and easier.
The best part however, was getting to see all the other "IPCW leaders" again. It was nice hanging out with friends from school again, instead of just me and steve like its been all summer. We went out to eat a few times and saw the new Bourne Ultimatum (Great movie BTW)! So yea, it was nice and got me all the more excitied for everyone to come back to school, but also depressed me a little, since I'm leaving September 2nd to study in London for the fall.

So,my friend and I had a mini-adventure last night. He was supposed to go pick up our faculty advisor for SAE from the airport last night, because he been on the leadership cruise for our fraternity. So, I said I'd go with him and we head to the airport at 8 o clockish. We get there and were minorly worried that the flight would be delayed because the weather had been super crappy. So, we arrive and realize we aren't exactly sure which flight Dr. Walt was on and we see that one had arrived on time and was here and the other flight that we suspected he was on was delayed until 10:30!!! Well, we wanted to make sure which flight he was one and we head down the the bank of teller desks or whatever you want to call them. We stop at the Delta desk and the guy was super friendly and searched his name and told us that he didn't have a Walt on his flights. Which was fine,we didnt think he was on Delta, and the guy directed us in the direction of the United desk, which was the flight we thought he was on. WELL, we get down there and 2 ladies were working. One at the American Airlines desk and the other at the Northwest Airlines desk. First ,we check with the lady from American just to make sure he wasn't on one of her flights and she was SUPER RUDE and said that she couldn't help us because we didn't have his flight number or connecting city. We then asked if she could get someone to the United desk for us and she said "well, he's on break and I don't know when he'll be back" so we go and wait a little more. Finally, we ask the lady at the Northwest airlines desk to page him and she was RUDE. Slamming open her desk drawer and dialing, then saying on the phone IN FRONT OF US, that we were nagging her (when we had asked ONCE for her to page someone) then she tells us that "they cannot give out the info we need due to TSA regulations. SO I tell her that Delta did and she says "well go ask Delta, the other airlines can't" which is funny because I'm pretty sure Delta is exempt from TSA guidelines. SO ANYWAY, the united guy shows up and is super friendly and searches his flights no problem. He then asks the two ladies who told us they can't give us info to search their flights and they do it no problem. Finally, Steve calls a friend and has him check in his room to see when Dr. Walt arrives, turns out his flight doesn't come in until TONITE!!!
haha. So,yea it was a stressful time and just made me super mad becauase I HATE poor customer service and that is most defintally what we got from a few of the people working there. After doing retail,waitering and this summer conferences job I definitally know the difference between good and bad customer service and can't stand it when people are rude!!

but I'll end my story telling here since this post is getting rather lengthy.

Have a good one.

~Off Like a Prom Dress~


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