Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Familiar Faces, Lame Rain and London approaches!

Greetings Friends,

It is currently pouring out and I am now soaked from running out to the parking lot to check car windows. Usually I am a huge fan of rain and love playing in it, but when I don't want to get wet it's just not the same. But really, I went maybe 50 ft and I am now soaked from head to toe IT IS RIDICULOUS!! Especially since just a few hours ago we were playing wuffle-ball outside and complaining because just standing caused sweat to run down my face. So yea, if the rain could stop that'd be great, I mean the streets are already minorly flooded and a section of the road the city just recently worked on near campus has buckled. ITS CRAZY!!

Like I said before, it was getting exciting, finally seeing friends and familiar faces on campus and last night was at its best. All the greek houses are offically moved in and so SAE is back to being full of some of my closest friends on campus and it was fun to just talk and hang out with everyone again. It's also nice to now see other people that you know when you walk across campus, instead of being able to walk across campus and not see a single soul a month ago.

WELL, I've mention my upcoming trip in London in pretty much every blog, so I decided today I'd expand on it a little further and talk a bit about the London study abroad program.

In 11 short days I will board a plane with 20 other Simpson students,along with a Simpson professor and head to London (Kensington-Earl's Court) to be precise, where I will spend the next 13 weeks taking classes and seeing the sights and sounds of NOT ONLY London but Europe as well. All the students are staying in a "flat" (apartment complex ,in american terms) and will be living with another Simpson student, pretty much just like dorm life here at college. We will also have a common lounge area and access to phone and a kitchen to cook our food.

I am taking 4 classes over there: British Culture and Society, which is just getting to know the culture and visiting London, Virginia Wolf and the Bloomsbury Group: which is an english class talking about the writer Virgina Wolf and reading a few of her novels, I am also doing a service learning course in which I will be volunteering somewhere (im hoping a theatre) and then reflecting and talking about my experience with that and finally an art and modernism course. It should be exciting!! Also, classes will eventually be held on Tuesday - Thursday, allowing us time to visit Europe and London and enjoy our time aboard.

Right now, I'm pretty excitied for the trip. I still have ALOT of preparations to do and things to pack however. I'm also minorly sad. Just knowing I'm missing out on all the memories here, Yell Like Hell, Formal recruitment ,etc. But know i'll be fine in London.

So yea, thats about it for today, I think it's finally stopped raining.



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Jamie O. said...

I am fairly sure that you will LOVE London. As I have said a billion times before, I am so JEALOUS!