Monday, August 20, 2007

My Fabulous Weekend

Greetings Friends,

I'll begin today by defining the lingo that Beth mentioned in her comment to my previous blog.

Curse of the Seal- I'm actually not 100% sure of which seal it is (we have two on campus) one is located in front of the BSC and the other is right in front of college hall. BUT, the rumor is that if you step on the seal, you'll fail your next test or have bad luck or something like that. Some people say its just the seal in front of college hall, but I just avoid both and so far its proved useful and I haven't failed anything in college.

Sledding by Pote Theatre-pote has some super great little hills right next to it and during the winter you will usually find students sledding down them in makeshift sleds .Whether it be garbage can lids, pieces of cardboard or trays from Pfeiffer dining hall (which are of course later returned ;). There's also a great sledding hill down by fraternity row.

SAE's "small towning"-this is a super awesome fun event that we do during the year. We choose a random high school ; or maybe a school one of the brothers has a tie to. (ie: last year we went to Pleasantville because one of the seniors was student teaching there) but we dress up all crazy in their school colors and look ridiculous and show up and cheer super loudly and just have alot of fun, and we never tell them who we are or where we're from. We just show up. It's great and people will come up and ask where we're from and parents will come up and be like "THANK YOU/GOOD JOB/YOU GUYS WERE FUN" and its just super cool.

Now, about my weekend.

This weekend I went up to Minnesota with Jamie and Tiff for the "Minnesota Send-off" which is pretty much a meet and great and little social gathering for all the Minnesota students who are coming to Simpson this fall. It's a chance for them to meet eachother as well as Minnnesota kids are currently going to Simpson and even Simpson alum will come.

But anyway. It was an amazing time! We left Saturday morning, from good 'ol Iowa where it was great weather and sunny. Then we got to Minnesota and it was rainy and gross and cold. BUT we weren't going to let that dampen our spirits. When we got to Bloomington (we stayed right next to the Mall of America :D) We checked into our hotel and then left to go eat at "Noodles and Co." which is quite amazing! After that we went to Ikea(it was my first time ) and shopped around there and then we went to the mall! All this time we just chit chatted about Simpson life,life in general,funny/embarrasing stories and pretty much everything. I mistook a moon lamp for a banana lamp and even bought a few things myself.

We got back to the hotel around 9:30 and just vegged out and got caught up on the new season of "The Hills" as well as "The Real World". We were also very enthralled by "Datlines: To Catch a Preditor: RAW" which is like the show only it goes into more detail about certain cases and how ABSOLUTLY RIDICULOUS some of these people are. It was oh so entertaining but also disgusting at what some of these people think of!

Sunday morning allowed us to sleep in and I was super excitied to find out that Tiff and Jamie's "sleeping in" is alot like mine (ie: getting up at noon) but we still had to get up by 10 to have breakfast.

We then headed back to the mall to do some more shopping. Tiff had to buy a new outfit because she had left her dress up clothes for the send off back home. LOL.. and I got a gr8 new pair of jeans from Express!! We had lunch at a great little restaurant called "Kokomo Cafe".
After the mall it was time to head to the send off. It was held in a cute little conference type area in Edina.

OVerall the send-off was alot of fun. I met some the new freshman that are coming to Simpson and also got to meet some alums and I saw one of my absolut best friends who lives in Minnesota. The only thing that sucked about the weekend was the stupid weather, it poured all day fact..We ran from the car to the buildings with newspapers over our heads.

The ride back was pretty good. Tiff, Jamie and I played with the "book of questions" and had quite a few good laughs. We listened to some Mika and just had a super awesome great time and I had Culver's ice cream for the first time!!

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. It was pretty much my only break from Indianola for the summer, and it was FABULOUS!

I hope this blog finds you enjoying your last few days of summer.

Have a great year and I'll blog again soon!

13 days till London!!



Jamie said...

Yay travel buddy! I enjoyed re-living the weekend through your post. Super weekend, but I am so *tIrED*!*!*!

Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

Drew! SophOmore is mispelled in your banner. :p