Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's Getting Exciting

Greetings Friends.

OOOOO... I am beginning to feel the excitiment of fall move-in day in the air and I am getting super stoaked!

My fellow students are gradually taking back over campus and it's super nice to see other Simpson student life, instead of just rental groups (which consist of either annoying stupid high school kids OR grumpy and demanding old people). Football training has started and so I've seen a few friends on campus who are on the team and today the Community Advisors (CA's) moved in and I have a few friends who are doing that this year and so I've seen some of them too and so its really great seeing old faces again.

Campus is starting to clean up too and maintence is busy fixing things around campus, like the sidewalk in front hillman. I looked out the window today and saw that they had tore up the sidewalk between hillman and carver and it looks like they're going to lay brand new cement and everything and that will be awesome. Because, when it rains or all the snow melts the sidewalk there becomes a lake and they have to cover it with a board and put up cones and it just gets really annoying and my feet get wet. Plus the trimming of trees,mowing of grass,cleaning of all the residence halls, and just a bunch of little things like that. Along with phone calls from friends telling me they move in in T-minus a week and I am totally STOAKED!! Next Tuesday is move in day for the fraternities and I can't wait to see all my brothers again and to have the house full of people and see open doors and I'm just ready. BUT it's bitter sweet, because then I'll be here for two weeks and then its time for me to go to London.

I only have two days left with Summer Conferences and am excited but kind of sad. This summer I worked with all the rental groups that we had on campus. Whether it was basketball team camp, ELI (which was a bunch of science teachers) or even Elderhostel (think summer camp for old people) and attended to them. We had to check rooms before each group, make combo/key cards for them, sometimes make beds and do whatever else they needed. It's alot like hotel work and sometimes it got pretty random. A couple weeks ago we had 500+ teachers on campus and it was crazy. That week alone I: de-bunked beds, directed "traffic" in Pfeiffer, set up audio/visual equipment, ran lights and sound in the theatre, made a billion copies of random things, and danced to the beat of an african drummer. The days that week were long, usually 10-12 hours and the people usually weren't pleasent to deal with. BUT at the end of the week, the directors of the groups on campus were super appreciatve and I felt like I accomplished something. BUt yea, its a great job. It was always something different and the other students I worked with were great and my boss was the coolest ever. Like, today we went out to lunch to celebrate the end of the summer.

I really need to start organizing my things for London though and its kind of hard because right now i'm "homeless". I have moved out of my summer housing in barker and havent moved my things back home because I'm staying on campus right up until I leave, so I can be here for work week for SAE and see everyone during the first week of classes and since i won't be here in the fall I have no room to put everything in. SO, right now all my junk is in the library of SAE and i'm sleeping in the extra bed in one of the brother's rooms. But yea, I definitally need to get on buying needed items for London, going through my clothes and im currently debating on whether or not I want to get a new camera.

This is where I think I'll cut it off for now.

PS! If you EVER have any questions about something you read (like: What's Hillman? or what's SAE? ) or about Simpson life etc. FEEL FREE to shoot me an e-mail and I'll be glad to answer and be honest about it too :)




Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

Annoying high school kids? Um, how old are you again? Oh yeah, that was like a whole 2 years ago!!!! ;)

Drew- Sophomore said...

haha.. I know :(

but should have seen the kids I had to deal with..

Some were playing in dumpsters, others pulling watersprinklers out walls!!!

PS:A side note to the high school students reading this.. I didn't mean you..I meant the ones I dealt with. I know you're not one of them because...WELL you're cool since your checking out blogstorm and looking at Simpson!! :D