Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I ♥ the Iowa State Fair

Greetings Friends,

I ♥ the Iowa State Fair...well pretty much the food. I seriously have no problem paying my 10 dollar admission just to eat the food there! lol..

I went last night with a couple friends and ate my most favorite fair food....cheese curds!! OMG they are DELICIOUS!!! haha..I also had some of my friend's turkey leg, which was also quite tasty.

I also went to the fair sunday with the fam jam and we got new cellios..which was exciting because I didnt plan on getting a new one until i get back from London..but mom called me Saturday and was like "dad wants to buy you guys new razors" and at first i totally thought she meant like shaving razors and was like umm..why would he do that? then i got caught up and realized she meant phones...but yea.. I was going to get the strobe, which had the super awesome little flip out keyboard thing..but i didnt like the buttons and got a krzr instead and its fabulous...

We went and saw the butter cow and harry butter(potter) and walked around the varied industries building..which was kind of annoying at times.. I hate people who walk super slow or randomly stop and get in my way...its annoying...other than that I love crowds of people and it was nice to go to the state fair with my family and see them.

But yea... I love the state fair..its a great time!

Out like Jessica Simpson in a spelling bee


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