Friday, August 17, 2007

Simpson Lingo

CAB, Hawley, Pfeiff-dogg, SGA ,BSC, fraternity row, Mildrid, your head spinning?
No clue what I'm talking about?
Well, by the end of this blog you'll know.

Today's blog goal is to get YOU, my gentle reader, in the know on the Simpson lingo. So, that when you read my blog or another stormblogger's blog or visit campus and hear students talking about one of the previously mentioned OR many other common Simpson terms, you won't be left scratching your head. But rather, will know exactly what we're talking about and be all the more prepared when you take your first step on campus.


CAB-stands for Campus Activities Board, one of the many student organizations on campus. This group is in charge of bringing all sorts of entertainment on campus. Whether its a rock band, bingo night with AMAZING prizes (like iPods and tvs), hump day ha's (when a comedian comes to campus and is usually held every other Wednesday), or even a ghost hunter. CAB is here to make sure you don't get bored on campus. AND the best part is that everything they bring to campus is FREE!

Mildred- No, this isn't student organization, she's the ghost of college hall. While I do not know her whole story. I do know that she was a student at Simpson at one point and fell over the edge of the stairs in college hall. Feel free to stop in and ask any of the admissions counselor's to tell you a Mildred story. I've heard a few myself.

SGA-Student Government Association. Kind of like the Student Council of Simpson College. Each spring elections are held for SGA and each class votes on 4 senators and 1 class president. Elections for the freshman class are held in early September. SGA is in charge of allocating funds to all the student groups on campus as well as making sure that you're concerns and voice is brought to the attention of the administration.

BSC-Brenton Student Center. I consider this the main social hub of campus. Here you can:

  • Check your mail
  • buy your school books and Simpson gear
  • grab a bite to eat in the Storm Street Grill
  • attend a CAB event on the weekend
  • sit and visit with friends in the gallery

Or do a number of other fun things.

Pfeiff-Dogg-Pfeiffer. The main dining hall on campus. Now, really it could just be that me and my friends call it Pfeiff-dogg BUT I do remember eating with a friend once who had a friend visiting from another school and she was like "lets go to Pfeiff-dogg and her friend was like "WHAT!?" So yea, you might not hear it referred to Peiff-dogg all that much but at least you'll know.

Hawley-So, you want to set up a study date with Hawley? Wait, in line so does everyone else and PS, its not a person. Hawley, is the academic resource center on campus and is located on the 2nd level of Dunn Library. Hawley has tutors available to help you with those tough classes, english majors there to help proof read your papers before you turn them in, or a nice quiet room to study in or make up a missed test. Make friends with Hawley and you'll do great in college!

Fraternity Row-this is a row of residence halls on campus, and like the name would imply home to 3 of Simpson's fraternities. The soccer practice field and tennis courts are also right next to fraternity row.

Stand Around-This is one of the biggest if not the biggest social event of the year. It's held at the very beginning of the year, after everyone has moved back onto campus. Sponsored by CAB. The event has all sorts of inflatable games, free things (last year it was tropical snow), music blaring and prizes like t-shirts,beads and stress balls. It's a chance for returning students to catch up and new students to meet everyone.

Yell Like Hell- personally one of my most FAVORITE events of the school year. This event is held on the Friday of homecoming week. Groups of friends or housing units will get together and make an awesome stomp/yell routine (think STOMP THE YARD) and perform it. It's in Hopper Gym and the place is seriously packed wall to wall with current Simpson students as well as alums that are back for the weekend. It's a freakin' amazing time and there's an energy in there that you just can't match.

There you go my friends. A peak inside the Simpson vernacular, granted it doesn't even come to close to covering all the terms on campus. I think I covered the most popular ones. But I hope it helps and that next time when you're on a tour of campus and someone mentions Yell Like Hell or BSC you'll know exactly what they're talking about.



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Beth - Admissions Counselor said...

Love it! Next time I want to hear about the curse of the seal, sledding by Pote and explanation of SAE's "Small town" night. Jsut too many cool things to cover! :)